What Yellow Lamp?

What Yellow Lamp?

This yellow lamp. And the inspiration that came with it.

Isn’t it great? Today a friend took me to her favorite antique store and I almost immediately gravitated toward this lamp. I also ended up buying a tufted Henredon chair, but that’s for another post. The lamp and the lightbulb that it caused to go off in my head, that’s what today is all about.

I have always been a nester. My creativity never manifested itself as visual art, singing, or finesse with a musical instrument and I’m no dancer. One day I realized that some of us are creators and others are curators. I am a curator by nature. By doing so, I am creating a space, or re-imagining someone else’s creative work but I do not create in the cre·ate adj.to cause to come into being, as something unique that would not naturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes sense of the word. I like being a curator. It gives me a set of constraints and freedoms that I find easier to work with than a blank canvas or a sheet of music.

The lamp you ask? Well, I bought the lamp (and the chair, remember) and re-ignited my dormant love of curating; searching, finding, collecting, changing, loving. With that one purchase I was inspired to reclaim my interest in design and decor, share it with others, and see where it goes.

My first thought was to fix up the lamp, give it a worthy shade, and sell it. The lamp, from the time I first saw it up to the time I loaded it into my car, had become an ember of creativity and emblem of my new adventure as design blogger, curator, crafter, and trader. How could I possibly sell it now?

I found my inspiration on a shelf in an overly-lit consignment store. Now I want to know where you found yours. Please share in the comments!

Welcome to TheYellowLamp!


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  1. Congratulations on your new blog as finding your identity as a curator! I too have an old yellow lamp that inspired me. I will have to post a picture of the lamp that I cannot part with! Looking forward to reading your future posts and maybe some crafty collaborations!

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