Vintage Cheinco Kitchen Tins



We are in Charlottesville, Virginia visiting a dear friend this weekend. I was lucky enough to convince the boys to do a little hunting with me. Charlottesville wasn’t offering many great vintage finds today but I did find this set of 1978 Cheinco kitchen tins. They are in excellent condition and I couldn’t believe I got the complete set!

I was tempted to keep them for my own kitchen but decided I would be setting a bad precedent for future blog+etsy adventures if I squirreled away my first find. I found another item I am super excited about as well. It’s going to involve a little modification before it’s debut but more on that soon!

Cheinco originally produced product licensed tin toys starting in the 1920’s. They begin producing kitchenwares in the 1950’s and stopped producing tin toys in 1976 due to government decisions based on the hazardous nature of letting little children play with razor-edged metal objects. The tins were originally given away as freebies when one bought the product it would store. They stood next to the product in special stands. After mixed success for nearly 75 years, the company went bankrupt in 1992, ironically following one of their most successful lines- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle waste baskets.

So here it is, my friends. Your chance to own an adorable and useful bit of Americana. And to be a part in the launching of The Yellow Lamp concept. Organize your craft bits, store your sugar, hide your cookies in the jar labeled “flour” (not that you would ever do that!) and enjoy the stylish addition to your humble abode.

Check out the rest of the pictures over at The Yellow Lamp’s Etsy shop!

Tell me what you think about the set in the comments. I am looking forward to hearing from you!


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    • Thanks! I will be gradually adding to the store. I have several pieces in waiting but I am trying to pace myself and do this all one step at a time. People who follow my blog will always be the first to know when I add to my Etsy shop. I’ll have a great silver platter up there soon!

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