Celebrating the Union Jack


With London in the full spotlight thanks to the Olympics, I thought I would share some creative ways the Union Jack has been used in decor. As flags are meant to be flashy and bold, they can be tricky design elements. Too much and one feels as if they are standing in a national pride museum. Change the colors or the design too much and the point is lost. 

I think the Union Jack is probably my favorite flag. I love the simple, repetitious, and layered design. I think my favorite use of the Jack motif is when muted or grey colors are used to give a vintage and romantic feel. Of course, there is something to be said for the bold and classic original design. 

Check out this great chair renovation by Mimi over at BlueRoofCabin


And how about this wonderful piece? I think this treatment could be what saves my boring butler’s table from the Goodwill pile.



This creative endeavor was found over at Restoration House Interiors.

And possibly my favorite… Doesn’t this one look like it belongs in a billiard room? What better way to give some life to an otherwise lackluster bonus room.Image


 Want to know more about the history of the Union Jack? Wikipedia has a pretty good run-down on the subject. Just follow the link.

I should note that it will be a little while before I start doing my own projects, as we are in the midst of getting our (quite compact) house ready to sell. It won’t be long until I have a garage and a shelf full of paint tins so bear with me as I find inspiration with the hopes of implementing the ideas later. I think the wait will be worth it for all of us!


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  1. I also love the Union Jack. I have a fabric with historic iterations of the British flag that is getting ready to find its way onto some chairs. I’ll have to send you the pics when I’m done. I love that round table so much! And that chair is stunning and definitely unique!!

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